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High temperature resistance Food machinery industry certification Food grade rubber roller

High temperature resistance Food machinery industry certification Food grade rubber roller

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  1. Food grade rubber rollers are made of rubber materials that are approved for use in food processing and packaging applications.
  2. They must meet strict regulatory standards for safety and quality to ensure that they do not contaminate the food products they come into contact with.
  3. Food grade rubber rollers are commonly used in the food industry for tasks such as conveying, pressing, and shaping food products.
  4. They can be customized in terms of size, surface finish, and hardness to suit different food processing applications.
  5. Proper cleaning and sanitation procedures must be followed to maintain their food grade status and prevent contamination.
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Food grade silica gel material: The products can be directly contacted with human skin for a long time, without adverse reactions.

Applied to; Food grade machinery industry, food packaging industry

In the food processing technology, as one of the parts of the roller may be in direct contact with food, so the roller must meet the strict requirements of the government and industry, the rubber raw materials used in the food industry need to meet the requirements of the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

Step 1 : The shaft head is processed by internal welding and our iron core is processed by first-class steel to achieve high precision and high quality.

Step 2 : In the production process of each rubber roller.we will conduct 3 dynamic balance tests,Will ensure the use effect.Generally, if it can be displayed within 10g on a dynamic balance device, it is called dynamic balance. But we can do less than 2 grams

Step3: Our rubber material is imported from Japan,United States, and then mix the rubber materials According to customer requirements. We will record Every time we mix rubber materials, we need a formula Small pieces are cured and tested for 24 hours Hardness, flexibility, resilience, etc., only need to meet Customer request

Step4: We have more than 10 running-in machines, whichcan quickly and effectively control each size of therubber roller to meet the customer's drawing requirements