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High precision corona rubber roller

High precision corona rubber roller

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  1. A corona rubber roller is used in corona treatment systems to improve adhesion of inks, coatings, and adhesives to plastic films and other substrates.
  2. The roller is typically made of a conductive material, such as rubber, and is charged with high voltage electricity to create a corona discharge.
  3. The corona discharge creates a highly reactive surface on the substrate, which enhances the adhesion of coatings and inks.
  4. The hardness and surface finish of the corona rubber roller can be customized for specific applications.
  5. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the corona rubber roller is important to ensure consistent and effective corona treatment.
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Corona rubber roller-with metal or other materials as the core, covered with resin rubber,Synthetic resin is a kind of synthetic high molecular weight polymer. ls both or super A resin with the inherent characteristics of natural resin. lt is chemically stable and doesnot burn. we Take advantage of its high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, chemical inertness and non-adhesion to plastics, the main To be used for optical film calendering, embossing, embossing, coating, laminatingcorona treatment, etc.Machinery

Multiple specifications Multiple options

   Can choose the applicable design with the actual situation, can pressCustomer requirements processing customized

Papermaking roller Printing and dyeing roller Printing roller
Name Hardness Name Hardness Name Hardness
Press roller 80°-90° Press roller 92°-97° High speed rotary press roller 20°-25°
Water extrusion roller 75°-85° Mercerized roller 80°-85° High-speed platform ink roller 80°-85°
Dryer roller 85°-95° Mercerizing flat washroller 80°-85° General platform ink rolle 100°
copper mesh roller 35°80° Flat Wash upper roller 100° Offset press grinding roller 80°
Blanket dispensing roller 95°-100° Flat Wash lower roll 80° General printing ink roller 85°-90°
Case roller 95°-100° Rope washing machine roller 85°-90° Strong solvent glazing roller 85°
Breast roller 70°-80° Tie dyeing roller 85° Strong solvent glazing roller 60°-70°
Wool cloth guide roller 95°-100° Hollow bending roller 60°70° lron printing roller 95°-100°

Step 1 : The shaft head is processed by internal welding and our iron core is processed by first-class steel to achieve high precision and high quality.

Step 2 : In the production process of each rubber roller.we will conduct 3 dynamic balance tests,Will ensure the use effect.Generally, if it can be displayed within 10g on a dynamic balance device, it is called dynamic balance. But we can do less than 2 grams

Step3: Our rubber material is imported from Japan,United States, and then mix the rubber materials According to customer requirements. We will record Every time we mix rubber materials, we need a formula Small pieces are cured and tested for 24 hours Hardness, flexibility, resilience, etc., only need to meet Customer request

Step4: We have more than 10 running-in machines, whichcan quickly and effectively control each size of therubber roller to meet the customer's drawing requirements