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High elastic natural rubber Flame retardant silicone Industrial sheet

High elastic natural rubber Flame retardant silicone Industrial sheet

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  1. Industrial silicone sheets are versatile materials that can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.
  2. They are made of silicone rubber, which has excellent temperature resistance, flexibility, and durability.
  3. Industrial silicone sheets can be customized in terms of thickness, color, and surface finish to suit different applications.
  4. They are commonly used for sealing, insulation, gasketing, and cushioning in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, and electronics.
  5. They are also resistant to UV radiation, ozone, and other environmental factors, making them suitable for outdoor use.
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Anti-static electricity

High elasticity

High temperature resistance

Good insulation performance

Industrial silicone sheet

Industrial silicone sheet is used in industrial and mining machinery, transportation equipment as a rubber pad, sealing gasket, cushion pad and other purposes of vulcanized rubber plate. It can be divided into ordinary rubber board, acid and alkali resistant rubber board, oil resistant rubber board, heat resistant rubber board and insulating rubber board.

Silicone Rubber Wheel Specification
Specification Width * Thickness(mm) KG/M KG/roll
1000*0.3 0.39 50 square meter
1000*0.5 0.65 50 square meter
1000*0.8 1.04 50-60KG
1000*1 1.3 50-60KG
1000*1.5 1.95 50-60KG
1000*2 2.6 50-60KG
1000*3 3.9 50-60KG
1000*4 5.2 50-60KG
1000*5 6.5 50-60KG
1000*6 7.8 50-60KG
1000*8 10.4 50-60KG
1000*10 13 50-60KG
1000*12 15.6 50-60KG
1000*15 19.5 50-60KG
1000*20 26 50-60KG
1000*25 32.5 50-60KG
1000*30 39 50-60KG